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How to Be Happy, No Matter What

Is there such thing as a guide to happiness? Here are some simple changes that could transform your life. Aristotle said that happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, …


Don’t Put that On Your Face: A Closer Look at the Toxic Ingredients We Use Every Day

One woman’s story about how harmful ingredients in children’s personal products inspired her to make a change. Abby Songin has always considered herself a healthy person. Her parents encouraged her …

“I feel beautiful again” I said and couldn’t stop crying tears of joy.

How a Makeover Made Me Feel Beautiful Again

It’s not everyday you win a makeover on the Marilyn Dennis show. How one lucky experience launched a transformational journey in both body and spirit. It all started with a …

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Hey Millennials: If You Don’t Take that Paid Vacation Time, I Will

No longer are millennials the entitled couch potatoes our bosses, neighbours and extended family loved to point fingers at for believing we could have the world served to us on a gold platter, with a side of gravy at no additional cost. The labels are changing.


What It Really Takes to Pursue a Career in the Arts

Looking beyond the limitations of where she lives, Alex Karolyi is meeting new challenges with a fresh perspective. Alex Karolyi has some excellent advice for up-and-comers looking to pursue a …


Travel Like a Pro

Tips from an expert to make your next trip an adventure you’ll always remember. Travelling, especially if you’re the type who likes to go off the beaten path, can be …


Work Smarter, Not Harder

The concept of “work smart, not hard” is not new, but what does it actually mean? A new strategy has provided me with the flexibility to be productive whilst surviving in a high-stress environment.


Five Ways to Make the Transition from School to Work as Effortless as Possible

From one millennial to another: here’s how to avoid getting overwhelmed by the sudden change and come out #winning. Throughout life, we go through many transitions, with one of the …


Why You Shouldn’t Wait for a Second Chance

Charlene Bailey started figure skating at age seven. She spent the majority of her adolescence on the ice. When she wasn’t skating, she was thinking about skating. She remembers drawing sketches of dress designs on scrap pieces of paper. She would plan the skating choreography in her mind, and even pick out the music for the routine.


Why I Left Solopreneurship For the 9-to-5 Grind

Facing the stress and doubt of unsteady income as a solopreneur? Don’t be afraid to change course.


Is Buying a Home Even in the Cards for Millennials This Year?

The first-time home buying experience is overwhelming, especially in today’s real estate market. The thought of buying your own home is exciting, yet terrifying. As a 25-year-old living north of …

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Investing Your Money When You’re Still in Debt

Whether you live on your own or in your parents’ basement, it’s time to think about investing your money. We all want to get ahead. We want to get ahead …


My (Un)justified Social Media Fears

A decade of on-again, off-again social network use has one millennial thinking about the big picture. I never really hit it off with social media. To me, networks like Facebook, …


The Security Dilemma and the Personalization of Technology

We’re storing increasingly more personal data on services and on our devices every day and this means having strong security is essential. In 2016, my advice is to “lock it …

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Drawing Boundaries with Technology

Tips for taking back some control in your day.